Fall into It

It’s been a long time…shouldn’t have left you…without some dope material to dress to! Sorry for my absence, folks. Still trying to transition into native status in this foreign land of blogging. Nevertheless, I am here to inspire your closet and make sure that you, my good sir, are equipped with tips that will let distant admirers know this is not your first time at the fall rodeo.

Fall is personally my favorite season. Hot cups of apple cider, scarves, and layering just aren’t as enjoyable during the month of July here in the great state of Texas. It’s something amazing to watch the array of colors cascade over the landscape as the cooler weather sweeps through. So now that it is here, I shall maximize the time we have together before the warmer months creep on us, bleh.

For those who don’t know, I do visual marketing for a high-end retailer. Mannequin presentations, window displays, props and more. Nothing like going to work, creating amazing displays with a full arsenal of clothing and accessories at your fingertips, then to go home and realize what you really have to work with in your inventory.  However, I get great inspiration from my job that forces me to be fashionably artistic when attacking my own closet. Mixing and matching patterns that may not be your first choice to pair or colors combos that might have made your forehead wrinkle initially, might be the best selection to help you transition from the guy in the corner, to the man with the plan. Like Drake stated, girls love Beyonce, but they like a well-dressed man even better.

There are many fall 2013 trends that are getting much attention this year. Corduroy, tweed, novelty sport coats, denim shirts/jackets, camouflage, flannel shirts, plaid suits, and graphic sweaters are just a few of the seasonal favorites. I’ve learned that it’s not about just being dressed, but how you style it. It’s all in the details. The way you cuff those pants, roll the sleeves, and how you accessorize with arm candy, hats/beanies, etc. can turn a nice outfit into a social media hit.

So don’t be afraid to try something new this season. Don’t miss the magic carpet ride of  hat may appear to be a whole new world. My intentions are to inspire you to look your best and in turn you will feel your best. For you to understand that the clothes don’t make the man, but they can and will turn heads. The Fall Games are upon us, may fashion forever be in your favor.


Banana Republic sweater and tapered slacks, with white shirt, red tie, Levi’s denim jacket, and Magnani monk strap shoes to finish off a crisp, clean look.






One of my personal favorites, the varsity jacket. Along with H&M corduroys, Old Navy chambray shirt, bowtie for an added touch, and New Balance shoes for the adult “sneakerheads.”


Here’s a simple outfit where the details speak volume. Docker’s camel blazer, Gap jeans, Whiskey boots, pocket square bye Rye 51, and arm candy from Aldo.







Be afraid not of color! Yellow blazer from Zara paired with maroon t-shirt, denim jeans, Express socks, zebra print pocket square, and Cole Haan shoes.



Check out other great fall looks!

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