May, Spring, Summer

Beaumont Ranch

This is the first year I’m stepping outside of the realm of Old Navy t-shirts and cargo shorts during the Spring and Summer duration. Living in the Texas heat, there was absolutely no motivation to tap into the snazzy gentlemen that remained dormant until recent years. Now, the Christopher Columbus has awakened in me and is prepared to explore new trends of the fashion world.
The few…the proud…the brave…or at least those daring enough to attempt denim on denim. The key to making your denim on denim experience a success is to mix fabrics and colors. As pictured below, I wore a chambray shirt and dark denim fitted jeans to add some contrast. Things get even more exciting when you grab hold of colored denim. If you’re lucky enough to have a shirt with pockets, don’t forget your pocket square!
Who said scarves were only for winter? During spring, accessory scarves can add some pop to any ordinary outfit. Throw on some nice shades with your ensemble and you might forget what the balance in your bank account actually is.
Stay tuned for more of the J-Squared Summer Fashion Chronicles!
Photo credit: J. McKeel Photography Instagram: @jmckeelphoto
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4 thoughts on “Beaumont Ranch

  1. Marcedes M. Fuller says:

    On it! I am taking notes…and changing up a few things in the summer wardrobe now! Thanks for inspiring great style through your work. On the edge of my seat for the next editorial.

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