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Mother’s Day

As a child, you never think of the center of your world as nonexistent or suddenly vanishing. All you think about are celebrating the holidays, birthdays, and Mother’s Days with your #1 lady. When I was eight years old, my warrior lost her battle with the breast cancer disease.

At a young age you don’t understand why she loses so much weight rapidly. You laugh when you rub her bald head not comprehending that this disease is causing her hair to fall out but you are amazed at her plethora of hairstyles (wigs). You enjoy all the extra company coming to visit not realizing they are coming to see her because the odds of her making it aren’t looking too good.

15 years later, I honor my mother’s legacy with these photographs. I carry a piece of her with me as I am a piece of her. Many birthdays, holiday seasons, and Mother’s Days have passed without my angel on earth, but I cherish the time we had to together. I pray that the time is coming for an end to this disease. More birthdays, holidays, and Mother’s Days should be celebrated with the ones we love.

I encourage and lift up those who have lost loved ones to breast cancer. Everyday won’t be an easy one, but someone out there needs to hear your story, and know whose legacy you carry.







2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Marcedes says:

    Truly amazing read. Thank you for sharing that with the world! I know as you are emerging into the man you are destined to be, your Mother, your Angel, is rejoicing in Heaven at the site of your evolution process. Thanks for your transparency.

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