Bishop Arts District, May

The Beginning: Bishop Arts District


Decisions…Decisions. The choices we make that sculpt our tomorrow and chisel our lives to form how things may be ten years from now. I’ve always been a dreamer; not one to dwell inside the box, but use the box as my platform to see further and reach higher.

However, I let the doubts of others and the negative ‘what ifs’ poison certain aspirations that once thrived. I probably should have been in California or New York at an acting school cultivating my acting talents to join the legacy created by the greats in the film industry. But life doesn’t always go according to plan, huh? Unfortunately, I was told to choose a career path more practical, whatever that means.

I went to school to pursue my interest, which was criminal justice. Those years of learning about life, people, and most importantly myself were the best four years of my life. After graduation the job hunt was at full throttle.

After a few months of expressing my frustration to a close friend about not finding that dream job after college that so very few achieve, she asked a question that changed my life. “What would you do for free? What’s your passion?” That question rang in my head for weeks. I’ve always believed the theory that when you look good you feel better… so the answer was a no-brainer, I would work in the fashion world.

I made the decision to stray away from the four years of teachings and internships to follow a dream, a new beginning to an unwritten chapter. The rest is history. Fast forwarding to the present, now, here lies before us my fashion blog. This is window for me to branch out and express my creativity through fashion, to inspire others, and release the power of the pocket square. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present to you J-Squared.

Photo credit: J. McKeel Photography Instagram: @jmckeelphoto

Special thanks to Oak Cliff Bicycle Company.











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4 thoughts on “The Beginning: Bishop Arts District

  1. Brittany Douglas says:

    I love it!!!! You will open so many eyes and hearts I’m so proud of you for following your dreams, that takes courage. I support thee <3

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